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ADEPT's view on the Government's Transport Investment Strategy

5 July 2017

ADEPT President, Simon Neilson said: “We welcome the Government’s Transport Investment Strategy and its commitment to create a better transport network  with the recognition of the role that our roads play in successful communities, businesses and increasing productivity. We agree with Government that devolved decision making is crucial in creating local road networks that work for our areas, particularly those out of London. However, while specific investment in medium and large transport projects is needed, the competitive bidding process can be resource intensive It is important to recognise that the road network is in need of investment everywhere.

 "We supported the creation of a Major Roads Network when it was first put forward by the Rees Jeffries Road Fund Study in October, and we wanted to see it resourced through additional money and not at the cost of existing road funding. The inclusion of the National Roads Fund to support improvements on the MRN and other medium sized transport schemes is therefore welcomed. There still remains a position however, with a £12bn shortfall in maintenance funding just to bring our existing roads up to standard, any proportion of the £5.8bn National Roads Fund, will fall short of what’s needed."