ADEPT consists of a number of subject and sub-national boards that reflect ADEPT’s remit. The diagram here illustrates the Association’s structure for 2021/22 (updated September 2021).

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is the executive body for ADEPT. It:

  • ensures the effective running of the Association
  • takes an overview of its affairs
  • determines policies.

The Leadership Team is chaired by the President, and includes the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents along with the chairs of the Subject and Sub-national Boards and national associations (CSS Wales, SCOTS and DINI). The Chief Operating Officer also attends. The 2020/21 annual review and forward plan is here.

Presidency of ADEPT

  • In May 2021 Paula Hewitt became the new ADEPT President, taking over from Nigel Riglar, South Gloucestershire Council.
  • Mark Kemp (Hertfordshire County Council) is the 1st Vice President.
  • Anthony Payne (Plymouth City Council) and Sue Halliwell (West Berkshire Council) are the 2nd Vice Presidents.

Their roles are set out here.

Subject boards and Sub-national Boards

Click here to find out more about each of the subject boards and sub-national groups.

Governance and constitution

Click here to see our Governance Framework.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Constitution.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Policy on Subject Board Expenditure.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Policy on Travel & Subsistence.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Policy on Freedom of Information requests.

Click here to see ADEPT's Finance Reserve Policy.

Click here to see ADEPT's Privacy Policy.