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Who's Who

Here are the people who run ADEPT.

Updated June 2022

Leadership Team

Mark Kemp

President / Executive Director of Environment and Transport, Hertfordshire County Council [email protected]

Mark Kemp is the Director of Environment and Infrastructure at Hertfordshire County Council having previously worked as a Service Director at Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  Mark has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transport.  Mark is the Chair of the UK Network Management Board and a member of the UK Roads Liaison Group.  He was the inaugural Chair of the National Traffic Managers' Forum and has given evidence to Transport Select Committee on highway congestion and maintenance issues.  

Anthony Payne

1st Vice President and Chair of the South West Board / Strategic Director for Place, Plymouth City Council
[email protected]

Anthony Payne took up the post of Director for Development and Regeneration at Plymouth City Council in October 2009, following the creation of a new department responsible for Economic Development, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, and Street Services. In January 2012 his role was widened to include Capital Programme, visitor economy, events, heritage and sustainability.

Anthony previously worked for the East Midlands Development Agency in a number of Director posts, which included sustainable development, land and development, and finally Executive Director for Strategy & Communications.

From 1995-2004 Anthony was based in Brussels, running a network of European Cities on Sustainable Development. 

Anthony holds a BSc in Geology and an MPhil in Planning. He was born and bred in Plymouth. 

Sue Halliwell

2nd Vice President and Joint Chair, ADEPT South East Board (SEDEPT) / Executive Director, Place, West Berkshire County Council
[email protected]

Sue is Executive Director, Place at West Berkshire Council overseeing place-shaping functions including planning, infrastructure, economic development, public protection and environment, creating places where people want to live and work. Sue’s current focus is on delivering the Council’s zero carbon ambitions. 

Sue’s previous roles have included Director for Planning and Place at Oxfordshire County Council, securing long-term infrastructure funding required to meet the planned growth for Oxfordshire, working closely with strategic partners including Government agencies, local authorities, and delivery partners to unlock the opportunities for a step change in delivery.  She has also led on the establishment of a Centre for Excellence for Local Authorities, delivering business resource efficiency measures to local business communities across England, establishing low-carbon community schemes e.g. community-funded solar schemes, development of regional resource management strategies and establishment of the largest county-wide community action network in the UK.

Adrian Smith

2nd Vice President and Chair of ADEPT Midlands Board / Corporate Director Place/Deputy Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire County Council
[email protected]

Adrian joined Nottinghamshire County Council in 2016 as Corporate Director of Place and became the County Council’s Deputy Chief Executive in January 2019.

Having worked with disadvantaged communities in the North East earlier in his career, as well as in one of the country’s fastest growing rural counties in the east of England, Adrian previously held responsibility for place-based services in one of central London’s high growth boroughs.

Adrian has held a range of service-based responsibilities, from cultural services to community safety, environment and neighbourhood services. Adrian has also worked in a range of corporate roles such as policy, performance and organisational development. A graduate of the Commissioning Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Adrian has also volunteered with a number of voluntary sector organisations.

Paula Hewitt

Immediate Past President of ADEPT / Deputy Chief Executive, Lead Director for Economic and Community Infrastructure and Director of Commissioning, Somerset County Council [email protected]

Paula Hewitt is the Director of Commissioning and Lead Commissioner for Economic and Community Infrastructure at Somerset County Council. She has responsibility for a diverse mix of services ranging from highways and waste to economic development and libraries.

She has led a number of high-profile service transformation programmes, delivering innovation and partnerships to secure customer benefits and financial savings. Paula’s achievements include leading the Council’s work in relation to accommodating and securing a legacy from the largest construction project in Western Europe, the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. 

Paula was heavily involved in co-ordinating the Local Authority response to the devastating Somerset winter 2014/15 floods and led the work to minimise future flooding in the county through the establishment of the Somerset Rivers Authority. Paula is currently leading the Council’s work on recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Paula is responsible for the development of commissioning practice in Somerset County Council working closely with colleagues in adult's and children's services and public health.

Nigel Riglar

Past President of ADEPT / Director for Environment and Community Services, South Gloucestershire Council
[email protected]

Nigel joined South Gloucestershire Council in 2018, as their Director of Environment and Community Services, leading the delivery of the Council’s place-based services. Previous roles include Commissioning Director for Communities and Infrastructure at Gloucestershire County Council and Deputy Chief Executive for Stroud District Council. Nigel was also responsible for setting up the Beacon Council Scheme for the Improvement & Development Agency, is an Honorary Member of the Faculty of Public Health, a Board Member of Building with Nature and the Chair of Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust.

Matt Davey

Joint Chair, ADEPT South East Board (SEDEPT) / Director of Highways, Transport and Planning, West Sussex County Council
[email protected]

Matt has worked in municipal engineering for most of his career. Previously Matt worked in the private sector as well as with Slough Borough, Surrey County Council and Wokingham Borough Council. At Wokingham Matt helped to develop a significant capital programme to support major residential development across the borough. Matt took up the post of director of Highways and Transport at West Sussex County Council in 2016 and took on responsibility for Planning in 2019. 

Steve Cox

Chair of ADEPT East of England Board / Executive Director for Place & Economy, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council
[email protected]

Steve Cox is the Chair of the East of England branch of ADEPT. Steve became Executive Director for Place & Economy at Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council in June 2019, one of a number of senior managers sharing their time across both Councils. Steve’s responsibilities include highways and transport, planning, housing, environmental services, climate change, regeneration and economic development, waste collection and management. Previously Steve was Executive Director for Growth at Thurrock Council, and prior to that a director at the East of England Development Agency. Steve is non-executive director on This Land, a CCC owned development company, and a director of the company developing the new university in Peterborough.

Angela Jones

Chair of ADEPT North West Board / Executive Director of Economy and Infrastructure, Cumbria County Council
[email protected]

Angela is the Executive Director for Economy and Infrastructure at Cumbria County Council. Angela has worked in a mixture of unitary and county councils, across the North West and Wales and has senior leadership experience across place-based services including Economic Development, Highways and Transport, Flood Risk Management, Property and Facilities Management, Planning, Waste and Community Services. She jointly Chairs the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership and was the Chair of the Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership for 4 years following Storm Desmond. Angela has significant experience of leading and managing frontline services and complex multi-disciplinary teams, with a robust track record in developing and maintaining strong working relationships with staff, members and external stakeholders.  

Mark Stevens

Chair of ADEPT Engineering Board & Highways Sector Council rep / Assistant Director Direct Services, Haringey Council
[email protected]

Mark is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has provided local government highways and transportation services for 40 years. He has worked for a number of local authorities including Suffolk County Council, Leicestershire County Council, Peterborough City Council and Luton Borough Council, starting his career at the London Borough of Southwark.

His wide-ranging experience includes setting up and providing strategic direction to the Midlands Highways Alliance, involvement in the Highway Maintenance Efficiency programme, securing funding for and oversight of a wide range of highways, civil and engineering schemes supporting economic growth and regeneration.

Mark holds a BSc Honours degree in Civil Engineering, an MSC degree in Highways and Transportation and an MBA degree in Engineering Management. He is also a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation with the latter selecting Mark as its Transportation Professional of the Year in 2020

Mark took up his role of Assistant Director Direct Services at Haringey Council in January 2021.

Steve Read

Chair of ADEPT Environment Board / Director of Environment and Public Protection, West Sussex County Council
[email protected]

Steve qualified as an Environmental Health Officer, developing an early technical specialism in air and noise pollution working in Poole, Dorset and East Kent. Taking up more senior posts in Lincolnshire and subsequently Hampshire, Steve took on client responsibility for waste and recycling just as the initial wave of kerbside recycling schemes gained momentum. In 2000 Steve guided East Hampshire District Council to national prominence as a high performer as one of the first waste collection authorities to introduce alternate weekly collections to help drive behavioural change. In 2002 Steve became the Executive Officer for the Hampshire Waste Partnership after it created a formal Joint Committee representing 14 Local Authorities. Alongside opportunities to study and relate European exemplars of environmental innovation and good practice, Steve gained national prominence as a speaker and local authority voice at a national level. Steve has advocated a circular economy approach since the early 2000s and was appointed as the first Managing Director of the innovative and highly regarded Somerset Waste Partnership in 2007. Steve chaired the multi-sector Resource Recovery Forum between 2009 and 2012. Steve was voted no.1 in the Resource Magazine “Hot 100” list in 2010. Steve has both spoken up for and challenged local authorities, particularly in relation to the packaging Extended Producer Responsibility agenda, again arguing, over more than a decade, for the approach now advocated in the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy. In 2013, Steve doubled as Head of the Gloucestershire Waste Partnership continuing alongside the Somerset Role.

Since 2017 Steve has been Director of Environment and Public Protection at West Sussex County Council, which has gained prominence in the field of sustainable energy generation, storage and use. WSCC is also a proponent of smart technology and emerging localised, multi-vector solutions to current and future challenges around managing and balancing electricity demand.

At WSCC Steve also leads on Climate Change and currently chairs the Silver level tactical co-ordination of the WSCC response to Covid-19.

Ian Thompson

Chair of Sustainable Growth Board / Corporate Director, Planning, Growth and Sustainability, Buckinghamshire Council
[email protected]

Ian Thompson has 34 years’ experience in local government. He is currently Corporate Director Planning, Growth and Sustainability at Buckinghamshire Council where he was part of the corporate management team that brought the Buckinghamshire unitary council together, a role he also played at Durham when the Council became a unitary authority in 2009. His background in place-based services comes from senior roles at Durham, Calderdale, Stockton-on-Tees, Basingstoke and Deane, and City of York. Ian has experience of leading both strategic and frontline services, and has worked with partners on a national, regional and local level.

Ann Carruthers

Chair of ADEPT Transport & Connectivity Board / Director of Environment and Transport, Leicestershire County Council
[email protected]

Ann Carruthers is Director of Environment and Transport for Leicestershire County Council responsible for all highways, transport, environment and waste services.

Before joining Leicestershire CC, Ann worked with a number of local authorities across Scotland and England covering the highways, transport, environment and growth agendas. This included working with Edinburgh City Council developing their congestion charging and tram projects and Kent County Council in dealing with the issues posed by Operation Stack, a potential new UK hub airport, and engaging Government in an innovative Growth and Infrastructure Framework. Ann also spent a number of years as National Travel Demand Manager with Transit New Zealand responsible for introducing sustainable transport options and new ways of working across New Zealand’s state highway system.

Ann is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, Chair of ADEPT’s Transport and Connectivity Board, a member of the Highways Sector Council and Chair of Midlands Highway Alliance+.

Neil Gibson

Chair, Live Labs Commissioning Board
[email protected]

Neil is a Past President of ADEPT and Chair of the ADEPT Live Labs Commissioning Board. Although he stepped out of his role as Executive Director with Buckinghamshire County Council in 2020, Neil remains closely involved with the ADEPT Leadership Team in a voluntary capacity. He is also supporting their skills agenda, sits on their Economic Recovery & Renewal Task Force, and is developing further Live Lab opportunities.

Now an independent strategic advisor to the public and private sector, Neil brings over 25 years' of senior executive experience at board level, embracing vision & strategy development, partnership development, change management & delivery, innovation and executive leadership development.

Passionate about nurturing talent, Neil supports existing and aspiring leaders to thrive and to realise their potential through action learning and mentoring. He currently facilitates the successful ADEPT/Amey Excellence in Place Leadership Programme and ‘action mentors’ senior executives in both the public and private sectors.

In June this year Neil was appointed by the Government as one of four independent Commissioners to oversee improvements at Liverpool City Council over the next three years.


Damien McQuillan

Chair of ADEPT Northern Ireland / Head of Roads Operations & Maintenance with the Department for Infrastructure, Northern Ireland.
[email protected]

Damien is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institute of Management Services. He began his civil engineering career with Durban City Engineer’s Department, South Africa, before returning to Northern Ireland to join a local civil engineering contractor and then moving on to join Roads Service, the Northern Ireland roads authority in 1986.

He has continued his career with the local roads authority and is currently Head of Roads Operations & Maintenance, the Department for Infrastructure’s in house highway maintenance contractor provider. With a staff complement of over 550 the unit delivers a range of highway maintenance services across Northern Ireland, including pothole repairs, surface dressing, gully cleaning, grass cutting, street lighting maintenance and winter service.

Rhodri Llwyd, CSS Wales

Rhodri Llwyd

Chair of CSS Wales and Corporate Lead Officer for Highways and Environmental Services at Ceredigion County Council
[email protected]

Rhodri is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years’ experience working within Local Government. Rhodri started his career in 1995 with Dyfed County Council and following local government re-organisation in Wales in 1996 moved to Ceredigion County Council. He has held a number of roles within Ceredigion County Council, with roles including aspects of highway adoption, highway/structural engineering and the development and delivery of flood/coastal defence strategies and schemes.

Rhodri is currently the lead for Highways and Environmental Services within Ceredigion County Council, which covers the Highways, Waste, Street Scene, FCERM, Harbours, Parking, Transport and Fleet Management functions.

Walter Scott

Chair of the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland - SCOTS
[email protected]

Walter Scott is the current Chair of the Society of Chief Officers for Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) and Service Leader – Roads & Transportation at Angus Council. He is past Honorary Secretary for Scotland and past Chair of the Dundee Area Branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Chartered Management Institute and Association for Project Safety. In his  career, Walter has worked in the private sector as a contractor and consultant, and the public sector in national and local government across the UK. He is currently a member of UK Network Management Board and Scotland’s Cycling Framework Steering Group; the Scottish Roads Research Board; Coastal Change Adaptation Budget Group; Flood Risk Management Funding Group; National Strategy for 20mph Task Group; Active Travel Transformation Project - Stakeholder Group; EV Infrastructure Fund Programme Board; and Public Health and Sustainable Transport Partnership Group; Free Bikes Project Board; Roads for All Forum; and Road Safety Framework to 2030 Strategic Partnership Board.

Walter has been fortunate to develop collaborative partnerships across the public sector on a local, regional and national level, which includes close links with Cosla (The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities); SOLACE; Heads of Planning Scotland; Transport Scotland; SEPA; Marine Scotland; NatureScot; Improvement Service Scotland; and Scottish Government.

Walter is a proud Scot, a road cyclist and occasional golfer. He is blessed with an amazing wife, who is also a civil engineer, and three wonderful teenage children.

The Secretariat

Hannah Bartram

ADEPT Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]  

Hannah joined ADEPT originally as the Chief Operating Officer in February 2016. She moved from the Environment Agency, where she led various national teams working on policy areas including planning, growth & devolution, climate change and flood risk management. During her time with the EA she spent 6 months in DCLG leading on reforms to the major planning regime. Prior to that she worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) on a range of international and domestic nature conservation issues. She is a school governor and trustee/director for the Beds, Cambs & Northants Wildlife Trust.

Helen Leach

ADEPT Secretariat
[email protected]

Helen has over 15 years’ experience as a PA and in admin support roles for both small businesses and large corporations, including Tesco and the Capita Group. She ran her own wedding planning and event organisation business for 5 years after taking a short career break for maternity leave. She now works as a Virtual Assistant and provides secretariat services to ADEPT on a part-time basis.

June Meadows

ADEPT Finance Adviser
[email protected]

June works as a Finance Advisor for ADEPT and is also currently working as a Finance Business Partner for Northamptonshire County Council. 

June is a qualified CIMA finance professional with a significant amount of experience working at a senior level in the public and private sector. She has worked successfully for Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership (NEP) as Head of Finance, delivering all the financial and operational requirements of the company and reporting at Board level to members and stakeholders. She has also worked for The LEP Network Limited as a Finance Adviser carrying out all the financial, operational and reporting requirements of the company.

Prior to joining Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership June worked in the private sector for SME's in the manufacturing/engineering sector.

David Dale

David joined ADEPT in April 2018 as a part-time Policy Officer, a role that includes preparing briefings, policy documents and consultation responses; preparing for and supporting at ADEPT conferences and policy events, Leadership Team, and Environment Board meetings; building effective working relationships with partner organisations including the LGA, ADPH, Government departments, corporate partners, and others; and working with Coast Communications to help deliver positive media coverage. Before joining ADEPT, David worked in local government for 34 years, half of that time with Sheffield City Council and half with Gloucestershire County Council. He worked in various place-based services including housing, flood recovery, and waste, as well as in more general corporate policy and project management roles.

Edward Shortridge

ADEPT Policy Officer
[email protected]

Edward is a Principal Engineer at WSP and currently provides policy support functions to ADEPT one to two days a month.

Edward has nine years’ experience in Transport Planning, working on behalf of a range of public and private sector clients. He has extensive experience in preparing and managing Transport Assessments and Transport Strategies for a wide range of development types. He also has a good knowledge of smarter choices and future mobility and has worked on the project management teams of several large multi-disciplinary projects.

Edward joined WSP in 2012 after completing an MSc in Transport Planning from the University of the West of England. He currently works in the Transport Planning team of WSP’s Cambridge office and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation.

Coast Communications

Liz Waugh, Managing Director of Coast Communications - providing communications support and advice to ADEPT
[email protected]

Coast Communications provides public relations, public affairs and stakeholder engagement across a wide range of public and private sector companies, specialising in critical infrastructure, the economy, environment and education. Our main office is in Cornwall, although our team is widespread, so we work across the UK including Scotland and Wales, and into Westminster. Liz Waugh ([email protected]) and Julie Everett ([email protected]) are your main day to day contacts, and John Moorcraft (not pictured) works in London on parliamentary affairs. However, we’re all here to help.

SAS Events

SAS Event & Association Management has been providing professional conference organisation and association management services for 35 years.

We run events for both public and private sector clients and offer a full portfolio of event and association management services to clients throughout the UK, mainland Europe and further afield.

SAS Events and ADEPT have been working together since early 2021.

Media enquiries: please contact Coast Communications 01579 352600 | VAT number: 337 0556 05 | Website by Cosmic