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ADEPT Leadership Development Programme update July 2019

Category: Briefing Notes

Date: 23 July 2019

The third ADEPT and Solace Aspiring Place Directors Leadership Development workshop marked the halfway point of cohort number 1’s programme.  The two days were hosted by Portsmouth City Council and began with an excellent introduction to the UK’s only island city and their exciting plans for cultural regeneration.

The focus was on collaborative working, coping with change and making things happen.  The format encouraged individuals to look at themselves and examine their leadership style to help develop the competencies needed.  Day one started with a reminder of the old saying, You have to go slow in order to go fast”.Even the leaders of the past who made great achievements knew the importance of going slow. It served as a cue to the group to perform activities with a proper balance of urgency and diligence.

Partnership challenge, forceful analysis, dimensions of effective partnership working, leadership trust and the principles of effective influencing dominated the remainder of the day’s agenda.