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Clarification on critical waste workers

Category: Briefing Notes


1 – Key Waste Site Daily Testing:

This is a new iteration of the workplace testing system that was previously used earlier in the pandemic. Where employers want Government assistance through Test and Trace to establish workplace daily LFT testing to help maintain service continuity, they can apply to do so. The Government is making this available to key sites across a range of different sectors that are critical to keeping society functioning (e.g. food, border force etc) and they currently have a total bandwidth of trying to support 2000 sites across all sectors, so the number of waste sites in there will be pretty small. There may be a future opportunity to add further sites. This support will continue beyond 16 August 2021.

2 – ‘Reasonable Excuse’ exemption from self-isolation requirements:

The Government has identified a list of critical services where an exemption from self-isolation requirements can be requested, subject to double vaccination status etc. This document is government guidance on the process for applying for what is now termed a ‘Reasonable Excuse’ letter, to exempt an individual from self-isolation requirements. Some aspects of waste sector are included (see Annex A of attachment). They have also now launched a new online request form for reasonable excuse letters, which should now be used in preference to sending in an email if you need to use the facility.

NB: this exemption only applies once other measures have been exhausted, and only if the Government agrees to the request for 'reasonable excuse'. The intention is to turn round responses the same day. Also to note: this only applies up to 16th August, after which the requirement to self-isolate will end.

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