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Soils & Materials Design & Specification Group

The SMDS Group represents ADEPT in all matters technical related to the highway pavement, footway, foundations and materials for all highway assets.  This includes advice on national developments, standards and policy issues; innovation; research; best practice guidance and the effects of climate change impacts on pavements and material specifications.  The Group has 3 sub-groups, a Southern Group, a Northern Group and the Highway Condition Assessment Group.  Liaison is key both within ADEPT, such as Asset Management, and on a wider basis with Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA), Mineral Products Association (MPA), Road Surface Markings Association and as appropriate with British Board of Agrement, Universities and Institutions.

The Group has members representing ADEPT on British Standards Institution and European Committees, Highway Authority Product Approval Scheme, National Highway Sector Schemes and has regular meetings with RSTA and MPA, all to ensure the best interests of Local Highway Authorities are considered with regard to development of standards and specifications.  Highways England is a member of SMDS and liaison regarding the Specification for Highway Works, development of Interim Advice Notes and the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges is a key input to the Group.

The group's full terms of reference can be found here.

For more information contact the Chair, Stephen Child ([email protected]) or Secretary, Emma Loach ([email protected])

Group Documents

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