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ADEPT-Arcadis: ‘Going Dutch’ active travel behaviour change webinar

8 January 2021

Wednesday 3 February, 10.30am-12pm
The pandemic has turned the spotlight onto active travel provision. In July 2020, we published our active travel policy position (here). This set out a number of commitments, including: 

  • Strengthen ties between local authorities, Public Health England and ADPH, for example through knowledge sharing and co-authoring papers
  • Advocate what ‘good’ looks like, using our evidence base and case studies
  • Provide a community of best practice
  • Encourage members to implement new guidance and make significant changes to their road layouts to give more space to cyclists and pedestrians
  • Encourage members to embed the Local Transport Note (LTN) on cycling and walking standards
  • Encourage members to…incentivise travel by more sustainable modes

With that in mind we are holding a webinar on ‘Going Dutch’ active travel in association with Arcadis, a Dutch-owned global business and one of ADEPT’s Corporate Partners, on Wednesday 3 February.
This will cover:

  1. Macro level view – social, political, and cultural lessons learned from decades of enabling and sustaining a shift to active travel in the Netherlands
  2. Creating behaviour change – based on case studies presenting lessons learned
    1. Innovative approaches to incentivising behaviour change
    2. The use of digital platforms to create and incentivise behaviour change
    3. The importance of effective public/private partnership
  3. Designing cycling infrastructure as part of an integrated transport system – based on cycling and walking case studies with lessons learned, how can ADEPT members embed new LTN design guidance

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