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ADEPT comment: DfT announcement on pothole repair funding

27 March 2018

The 1st Vice President of ADEPT, Neil Gibson said: "We welcome the involvement of the Department for Transport in supporting our work on future proofing the local road network through the utilisation of SMART infrastructure.
"The DfT's co-funding, alongside our other commercial partners will assist with the development of the business case to create live labs at scale in either new development or by retrofitting. The live labs will test the bringing together of technological advances encompassing communications, energy and materials latest thinking and support anticipated technology changes such as electric, connected and autonomous vehicles across all the potential uses of passengers and freight.
"This ambitious programme which includes both small single corridor projects and large scale market town schemes aims to achieve a step change in the performance of highways and associated supporting assets, linking SMART infrastructure to support local needs. We are exploring how to linking innovative infrastructure with people, the assets they use, the places they visit and the uactivities they undertake."