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ADEPT comment on the Prime Minister's introduction of net zero emissions target

12 June 2019

ADEPT fully supports the Prime Minister’s move to put a 2050 net zero target for all greenhouse gases before Parliament. We have called for this in ADEPT’s policy position on climate change that will be published later this month.

Ten years after the Climate Change Act became law, now is the time to set a more ambitious goal into legislation, following the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) last month. Achieving a net zero target by the middle of the century is in line with the UK’s commitment under the Paris Agreement, and reflects rising public concern.

The target must be reinforced by robust government policies across all sectors – including transport, energy, housing, waste, and the environment – and requires a strong response from business, industry and society as a whole. ADEPT local authority members are already leading at a local level and are willing and able to work across sectors and government to ensure their places and people can go further faster in terms of reducing their emissions and adapting to the now unavoidable changes in the climate.

In meeting the net zero target, as always, the devil will be in the detail. We agree with the CCC that it should cover all sectors of the economy, including international aviation and shipping, and should be met through the UK’s own achievements rather than relying on international carbon credits.