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ADEPT comments on the Raynsford Review's final report

Peter Geraghty, Chair of ADEPT’s Planning Housing and Regeneration Board said: “ADEPT welcomes the publication of the Raynsford Review as an important contribution to the debate on the planning system we need for the twenty-first century. In a rapidly changing world, the planning system must provide stability and deliver the sustainable development the country needs to thrive and prosper.


"Raynsford says the objective of the Review is for ‘a simpler, fairer system which works for all sectors and in the public interest, with strong democratic accountability and in-built incentives to deliver greater certainty and consistency’ and sets out six recommendations for a new planning system. We share the concerns about the extensive use of permitted development rights discussed in the report, and the potential for undermining proper place-making that is supported by appropriate infrastructure.


"The Review discusses the importance of good quality design and the importance of place-making, including the role of local authorities. In its submission to the Review, ADEPT argued that ‘people need to be placed at the heart of place-making’ and therefore welcomes the emphasis the Review places on this. Raynsford also identifies the lack of monitoring and review of policy at both national and local levels. ADEPT thinks that highlighting this issue is particularly important at a time when there has been so many reforms to the planning system. In that respect, Raynsford represents an opportune moment to take stock of the system and its objectives."


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