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ADEPT President outlines priorities for the year ahead – building resilience

Ann Carruthers, Director of Environment and Transport for Leicestershire County Council and previously Chair of ADEPT’s Transport & Connectivity Board, has taken over the role of ADEPT President for the forthcoming year. 

In her inaugural address at ADEPT’s recent President’s Awards, Ann outlined her key priorities for the year ahead, which will focus on building resilience

In summary, this will include the following:

  1. Resilience across place services in what and how we deliver.
  2. Resilient organisations against a backdrop of changing local government landscape.
  3. Resilience for ourselves and our people.

Further detail on each of the priorities is detailed below:

  • Resilience across our services – what will we be delivering in the future to ensure we are creating resilient places ( what services, what materials, how we deliver) that are adapting to climate change and driving forward decarbonisation (and with limited funding).
  • Resilient organisations – we are seeing many structures evolving (combined authorities, devo deals, no devo deals and that’s on top of unitary/two tier structures) how as place leaders do we ensure our places benefit regardless of the structures we operate in.
  • Our own personal resilience and that of our people – being a place leaders has never been more challenging, how do we look after ourselves and encourage the next generation of place leaders to step up to the mark while motivating our teams in what is a challenging sector given public and political expectations. 

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