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ADEPT response to the AIA ALARM survey 2017

28 March 2017

Parvis Khansari, Chair of ADEPT Engineering Board said: "ADEPT welcomes the work by AIA to highlight the significant problem with historic lack of investment in local roads. Roads in good condition are critical for supporting our economy and to facilitate growth. In addition, public satisfaction remains low, so improving the condition of our roads is a very high priority for residents.

"ADEPT wants to move away from the national focus on repairing potholes and talk about maintaining roads at the appropriate standards to avoid potholes in the first place. However we will only get to that level if the previous backlog, built up over decades is resolved through a national programme of investment in local roads.

"We are working with highways authorities and the rest of the sector to improve the resilience of our road transport through better and more efficient asset management. We want to work with Government to remove the backlog and ensure funding for road maintenance is enough to support asset management strategies. Prevention is better and much cheaper than cure.”