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Carbon measurement insights: carbon plenary documents published by Live Labs 2 projects

As outlined in the Live Labs 2 carbon plenary blog post, Live Labs 2 set a high bar in terms of how the programme will remove and reduce carbon from the local highways network and evidence those changes. However, measuring carbon for ongoing infrastructure activities is an emerging field and there has not been clear consensus on approaches used.

We need an agreed, consistent approach in order to measure our success across the Live Labs 2 projects and the programme overall. We want to adopt a more standardised approach that might be able to accelerate how we measure and reduce carbon across industry. One of the key elements of the Live Labs 2 programme is to share our learnings, so it is important at the outset to set out how we are working together as a sector to explore this issue.

In September 2023, we held a crucial carbon plenary event, bringing together all the live lab projects to compare approaches, data sources, and challenges, exploring how to measure carbon within the programme.

We held a second carbon plenary in March 2024, where each project updated on their activities and findings to date in advance of baselining being published in the summer. You can view the March 2024 carbon plenary documents for each project below:

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