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Planning Working Group

The ADEPT Planning Working Group was established in March 2021 and supports the work of the ADEPT Sustainable Growth Board. It has several objectives:

1. To build and maintain effective partnership working with MHCLG, and other relevant government departments and agencies, to:

  • influence the implementation of the Government’s proposals for reforming the planning system (i.e. Planning for the Future)
  • provide a forum for MHCLG to discuss the practical implementation issues arising from the development of emerging legislation and guidance associated with planning reforms
  • highlight the links between planning, climate change, biodiversity, permitting interface and ‘agent of change’ issues and the ambition to ‘build back better’
  • advising on the impact of permitted development rights
  • ensure there is sufficient understanding, capability and capacity within local authorities to respond to any new burdens, responsibilities and opportunities arising from the planning reforms

2. To help shape ADEPT’s work on Covid-19 recovery and renewal and specifically the role that planning can play, including:

  • revitalising town centres & high streets
  • permitted development rights
  • digital delivery of services
  • design codes

3. To help shape ADEPT’s position/policy on:

  • housing delivery and design
  • strategic/large scale employment sites
  • strategic planning issues
  • climate change
  • resourcing of planning functions

4. To develop close working relationships with, and carry out joint working as appropriate, with other professional bodies and institutes (e.g. RTPI, TCPA, POS, LGA/PAS)

5. To influence and disseminate good planning practice and look to develop common solutions including supporting training

6. To link with other ADEPT working groups where planning reforms will have an impact on their activities and terms of reference.

7. To respond to media inquiries relating to planning matters

The Planning Working Group is chaired by Paul Barnard, MBE, MRTPI ([email protected])

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