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The Environment Board takes the ADEPT lead on key environmental discussions, providing a greater understanding of the strategic issues and policies relating to the environment. The Board understands that growth and the environment are not mutually exclusive and sustainable growth requires good quality environmental planning, investment and infrastructure, with environmental matters at the heart of decision making.

The Environment Board has a broad and diverse remit, covering some of the cross-cutting issues which do not sit neatly under the other subject Boards. Its remit includes:

  • Waste management
  • Flood & water management
  • Energy
  • Natural capital & heritage
  • Climate change resilience and adaptation
  • Air quality
  • Smart and sustainable approaches to environmental services and planning

The Board’s agenda is currently driven by the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan (published in January 2018) and the new environmental legislation and regulations that are being developed for when the UK has left the EU.


The Board’s membership is voluntary and is drawn from Directors and Heads of Service at member local authorities. It also includes representatives from:

  • Relevant Government departments – DEFRA and BEIS
  • Delivery bodies such as the Environment Agency and Natural England
  • London Councils/London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet)
  • ADEPT corporate partners by invitation for specific issues

The Board's full Terms of Reference can be found here.

Chair: Steve Read, West Sussex County Council ([email protected])

Secretary: Tracey Butcher, West Sussex County Council ([email protected])

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